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Arctic Blast Pain Relief is an efficient pain-relieving supplement that is designed to assist people with chronic pain live more fulfilling lives.

  • Helps to lower chronic pain
  • Treat the root cause of chronic pains
  • Helps to make your bones strong and healthy
  • Help relieve muscle pain
  • stimulate blood circulation containing adequate oxygen
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What is Arctic Blast Pain Relief?

The creator, Kevin, is a pain specialist and developer of the Arctic Blast Pain Relief supplement. Each Arctic Blast bottle is manufactured by a US-based company called Nutriomo Labs Pte Ltd.

Arctic Blast is specially formulated to relieve all types of chronic pain and improve life’s quality. According to the manufacturer, Arctic Blast contains potent ingredients that treat pain from within and effectively eliminate pain.

Additionally, Arctic Blast Pain Relief is in liquid form, which allows quick absorption into your system. Also, all Arctic Blast ingredients are 100% natural, which reduces the chances of having severe side effects.

Arctic Blast manufacturers assure consumers that this formula works in less than 60 seconds to end joint, muscle, and back pain. Also, the ingredient DMSO in Arctic Blast is scientifically proven to alleviate chronic pain. Furthermore, Arctic Blast is not habit-forming, thus an exceptional alternative to orthodox pain-relieving regimens.

Arctic Blast Arctic Blast Pain Relief Reviews

ArcticBlast Review

Pamella Sheppard, San Francisco, CA

“I initially ordered Arctic Blast™ for my husband who had bad knees and I also decided to try it because of my shoulder joint pains.

I found it very effective as it relieved my pain in less than a minute; other topical medications I tried do not get the same result. The pain in my shoulder has improved a lot.

I was so impressed by it and so I just kept ordering a regular supply as I was also giving a bottle to family and friends. Very impressed with this product!” †

ArcticBlast Review

Marsha Darnell, Tampa, FL

“Arctic Blast™ does take away the pain in my knee when I put some on each morning and last 24 hours. I walk more each day not worrying about feeling any pain in my knee.

I finally found a medication that really helps. I am glad that Arctic Blast™ was easy to go online to order and receive it at my home without going out to buy it.” †

ArcticBlast Review

Paul Garnett , New Berlin, WI

“I'm so stiff and in a lot of pain when I get up. Pain was extreme with two herniated discs and a bad case of scoliosis. So, the first thing I do is to use Arctic Blast™, rub it on my back and my knees and sit down with a cup of coffee.

In 20 minutes I'm able to start walking without pain and move around better. I will make sure that I apply Arctic Blast™ when I am going out.” †

Benefits of Arctic Blast Pain Relief

  • Blocks Pain

Arctic Blast Pain Relief active ingredient (DMSO) blocks pain-stimulating nerve connections, which significantly offers pain relief. Also, Arctic Blast conditions your brain to stop the pain and offer relaxation.

  • Improve blood flow

Arctic Blast works from within and stimulates better blood flow to the damaged area. As a result of efficient blood circulation, affected areas are nourished with antioxidants and anti-inflammatories, which reduce pain.

  • Alleviate inflammation

Inflammation is your system’s way of promoting healing. However, uncontrolled inflammation can cause you severe pain. DMSO’s molecular structure makes it easy to penetrate your skin and fight inflammation. Additionally, camphor and menthol offer a cool soothing sensation, thus offering relief from pain. Further, menthol and camphor work with DMSO to ensure they get rid of pain effectively.

  • Improve sleep and relaxation

Arctic Blast Pain Relief drops can help you sleep much better by getting rid of pain in the muscles, tissue, and joints. The soothing and cooling sensation of Arctic Blast massages your damaged areas and gets rid of the chronic pain.

  • Improve flexibility and movement

Arctic Blast can help you regain your range of motion by reducing discomfort and pain.

  • Topical analgesic

According to Arctic Blast Pain Relief manufacturers, this product is an excellent option for individuals who do not like oral pain killers. Additionally, Arctic Blast pain drops are safe for all individuals apart from children under 2.

  • Non-addictive

Unlike oral analgesics, Arctic Blast Pain Relief drops are entirely natural and contain zero habit-forming ingredients. Instead, each gentle application of Arctic Blast can soothe your pain and improve your quality of life.

  • Zero side effects

Most oral pain-relieving medications can affect your internal organs with regular use. However, Arctic Blast is a topical pain killer that does not interfere with your internal organs. Frequent use of Arctic Blast cannot lead to health complications as witnessed with other oral pain relievers.

ArcticBlast Benefit
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Arctic Blast Price

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Arctic Blast Ingredients

  • Peppermint oil:

Peppermint oil is an extract obtained from the leaves and flowers of the peppermint plant. The ingredient is famous for its anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and antispasmodic properties, making it effective in reducing pain and inflammation. Despite being a common food additive, it is widely used to treat digestive problems in several countries.

  • Dimethyl Sulfoxide:

The main ingredient of Arctic Blast is Dimethyl Sulfoxide ( DMSO). It’s an organosulfur chemical resulting from wood pulp and a lignin derivative. And, it is entirely safe to be taken orally and even applied to the skin.

It is FDA authorized and can be used with other substances or stand-alone supplements. The Arctic Blasts DMSO helps relieve pain and speed up the healing of wounds, burns, and muscular and bone injuries.

It is popular among athletes and sports players because it promotes faster healing and pain relief.

  • Emu Oil:

Emu oil is an essential oil derived from flightless Emu birds in Australia. The Umass Lowell researchers named it the wonder drug due to its potency in treating arthritic discomfort and healing wounds. The oil also shows beneficial effects on a wide range of skin conditions such as eczema, sunburn, and psoriasis.

  • Camphor Oil:

Like menthol, camphor has long been used as a topical pain reliever for everything from cold sores, to insect stings and bites, minor burns, hemorrhoids and osteoarthritis.

In fact, camphor is among one of the few topical pain relievers that is actually FDA-approved (in concentrations of 3% and 11%).

  • St John Wort Oil:

St John Wort Oil is an active ingredient obtained from the flowers of the Hypericum Perfuctum. It contains muscle-relaxing properties hence ideal in muscle cramps relief and menstrual pain. It also provides tranquilizing effects hence helping minimize the symptoms of depression.

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How Does Arctic Blast Pain Relief Work?

The main reason that Arctic Blast Pain Relief works is because of a nutrient that the creators focus on called DMSO. DMSO helps relieve pain, and it has been featured in publications like the New York Times and Sports Illustrated.

Professional athletes have even used Arctic Blast to help with the pain that they suffer from during competitions. The substance is completely natural, but major drug companies falsely planted news stories to make it seem less valid, driving it out of the industry. Interestingly, it has a significant advantage over other supplements like turmeric and glucosamine because it is the only supplemental ingredient that already has approval from the Food and Drug Administration.

It isn’t taken as a capsule or a tincture. Instead, it is available as a topical remedy that will penetrate the skin’s layers to offer relief. It is one of the few remedies that can get down to the user’s muscles and joints, offering a cooling sensation that quickly gives comfort within minutes of application.

DMSO isn’t just effective because of the way it can absorb into the skin. Instead, it also acts to deliver nutrients phenomenally, using menthol and camphor to improve the effects. The relationship between this ingredient is somewhat symbiotic since the presence of DMSO makes both menthol and camphor more effective.

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What Is the Science Behind Arctic Blast?

Arctic Blast Pain Relief manufacturer claims that this formula is rich in a natural ingredient called DMSO (Dimethyl Sulphoxide). Additionally, Kevin asserts that DMSO is effective in offering pain relief. However, the pain specialist claims that profits drive most drug companies. And the use of DMSO can reduce the earnings of companies making pharmaceutical analgesics. Fortunately, users looking for an effective and natural pain-reliever can use Arctic Blast, which contains DMSO.

DMSO supports natural healing, which makes it a must-have ingredient for most professional athletes and professional trainers. The active compounds in DMSO accelerate the healing for hamstring conditions, Achilles tendon injuries, and other common athletic injuries. Most manufacturers of natural pain relievers contain ingredients such as turmeric and glucosamine, which are not FDA approved. Other elements such as chondroitin and hyaluronic acid have not been scientifically proven to offer a reprieve from the pain. However, Arctic Blast manufacturers claim that some form of DMSO is FDA-approved.

The DMSO in Arctic Blast works by penetrating the damaged joints and muscles, thus offering rapid pain relief. In addition, DMSO transports menthol and camphor to the damaged area, consequently providing quick relief from pain.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Arctic Blast Have Any Risks Or Side Effects?

No. Arctic Blast Pain Relief is a natural and scientifically supported medication. So, you can use it regularly and will not suffer any side effects.

How to Use Arctic Blast Pain Relief Drops?

The FDA does not certify dietary supplement products, such as VitalFlow. However, VitalFlow is manufactured in an FDA registered facility that follows GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) guidelines.And the VitalFlow Manufactured in USA.

Arctic Blast Dosage:

You can only 2 containers every morning and your body ingests it rapidly. The fixings work normally with practically no aftereffects and causes you to feel great both truly and intellectually.

Is Arctic Blast legit and FDA approved?

The production company has put this product on several medical testing trials to ensure its safety and quality. The product has been created in an FDA-approved research facility that follows strict GMP standards.

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